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the professional

From a young age, Nadine was recognized with local and national awards, which not only showcased her academic achievements in mathematics, science, and the humanities, but her natural leadership and ability to be a catalyst for change in every organization and community she touched. Throughout her undergraduate studies in Neuroscience, Nadine ran multiple businesses, conducted research in labs, as well as for a Think Tank that sought to bridge gaps between psychology and organizational problems. For the next decade, Nadine propelled her primary business, West Coast Education, into the largest independent educational support service and the top-rated tutoring company in Vancouver. During the pandemic, she saw an opportunity to pivot her business into an entirely virtual service, and successfully internationalized her company, which now serves clients across 29 countries. This experience inspired a year-long research project she conducted as part of her MBA in Finance, a degree she was awarded highest distinction in. She designed and executed a comprehensive study on the financial profiles of businesses that have gone global. She developed a framework to evaluate and predict globalization outcomes, which she uses in her work today to guide companies financially and strategically through the international expansion process. This research inspired her to pursue further education in neighbouring disciplines, completing a Post-graduate Certificate in Geopolitics & International Economics and a Post-graduate Diploma in Strategic Management. Today, Nadine is continuing her education in the Neurosciences, with an MSc. concentrated in Organizational Psychology and Neuroscience. Her thesis studies the innovative field of organizational neuroscience, bridging her experience with management and organizational behaviour with her technical knowledge of cognitive systems and neuroscience.

the personal

Raised in Vancouver, Canada, Nadine has always been fascinated with human and organizational behaviour, leadership, commerce, geopolitics, and travel, passions that she has managed to integrate across her professional and personal life. By the age of 30, Nadine had travelled to over 75 countries across six continents, including those off the beaten path, from Kosovo, to Bolivia, to the Kingdom of Eswatini in Subsaharan Africa. And from personally sponsoring the education and career development of a widowed Zimbabwean mother and her two children that she met in Victoria Falls in 2019, to assisting a newly landed Syrian refugee family get on their feet after a chance encounter on the streets of Vienna, Nadine is always finding ways to convert her professional platform and success into making a personal impact on others. At age 31, Nadine's success in commerce over the previous decade spoke for itself, as she announced her semi-retirement, and the following year she moved to Italy to pursue her dream of settling down in the quiet Italian countryside, riding her Vespa to the market and picking fresh tomatoes from her garden. However, despite indulging in 'La Dolce Vita' these days, Nadine still enjoys doing what she does best – helping others realize their dreams – whether it be business-owners looking to thrive in competitive markets and unlock their full potential, or students that she continues to teach and mentor towards their educational and career aspirations.

Meet Nadine

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offering an unparalleled
crossover of expertise

Finance & Mathematics

Nadine brings a comprehensive graduate education in Finance from the University of London,

tens of thousands of hours of teaching finance and mathematics at the university level, and the personal experience of running and maintaining the financial health of her three businesses.


Besides teaching economics on a weekly basis, Nadine completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Geopolitics & International Economics in Spain. She brings a wealth of knowledge on micro and macroeconomics, managerial economics, and political economy in local & global settings.


Nadine pursued undergraduate studies in Neuroscience, which first kindled a passion for cognitive science and systems, emergent properties, and behaviour in organizations. Most recently she has pursued a Master's in Science with a focus on Organizational Psychology and Neuroscience.

Strategic Management

Nadine holds a

Post-Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management from London's Chartered Management Institute of London. Her powerful interdisciplinary background and ability to integrate a wide range of theoretical and practical experience lends to her strengths as a manager and a consultant.


Conference room, leadership, organizational behaviour, organization, psychology, neuroscience, people, human resources, capital,meetings, planning, goal-setting, decision-making, executive, CEO,
people and systems


Delivering efficiency and effectiveness to your organization through ground-breaking scientific developments in the field of organizational neuroscience.

Financial charts, mathematical symbols, key financial indicators, ratios, percentages, Financial planning, data analysis, modelling, forecasting, corporate finance
financial insights

Offering solutions through data-driven analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions, seize opportunities,

and navigate complexities with confidence.

Globe, Ship, Travel, Map, Globalization, International Expansion, International Business, International Economics
navigating success from coast to coast

Bringing a uniquely worldly perspective that is complemented by education, research, and experience that will help you unlock your potential, wherever you grow.

Why Go Coast to Coast

As an independent business consultant, Nadine offers a distinct advantage over large, generic consulting firms. She delivers a personalized and innovative approach to every client engagement, while drawing upon insights that are reinforced by her own successes as a life-time small business owner and an international businesswoman. Her remarkable journey is defined by exceptional achievements and a unique blend of expertise. She is committed to enabling business owners to flourish in dynamic markets, unleash their utmost capabilities, and successfully maneuver growth opportunities, both in local and global contexts. With Nadine as your trusted consultant, you can expect customized solutions, cutting-edge strategies, and an unwavering commitment to your success.

What our Clients Say

Having known Nadine for the last 20+ years, I've been witness to her drive, determination, and grit first-hand. It has been a pleasure to observe her entrepreneurial journey from Day 1.
How lucky was I when I discovered she had started CTC Consulting! After just one session, I feel heard, understood, and more aligned to pursue some big dreams in my business. Already plotting the next several meetings in my head!
Nadine's value comes from years and years (and years) of hard work and passion which can't be quantified. She'll ask you questions to understand what you need, pick from her extensive experience, and tailor her recommendation based on what you need in that moment. You will not go wrong with her on your side.
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We operate entirely virtually, utilizing a diverse range of tools and platforms to deliver personalized
and comprehensive support and solutions whatever city, country, or coast your business operates in.
This enables us to seamlessly reach you at any place or stage of your development, promoting
convenience, competitive pricing, and a partnership that adapts to your evolving business needs. 
Whether you aspire to be a dominant force in your local industry or are striving to make a mark
on the international stage, our integrative approach is designed to propel your business to new heights.

So, tell us about your journey so we can share how you can go Coast to Coast with us, figuratively or literally!

Given our origin story in the small business world, we are offering 50% off initial consults for small businesses for a limited time.
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